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July 24, 2009

Plan B: Stripping

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The question often arises, “Jimmy, what do you really think is going to happen with this whole asking famous people for money thing?

Easy. Famous people will give me money. Next question.

Okay, so maybe that’s not going to happen, still it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility, right? After all, we live in a “realm of possibility” where there are people who actually give money to Spencer Pratt to, uh, speak and breathe (often at the same time, which is no small feat for him). I mean come on people, Spencer Pratt. It’s right there in his name. I’ve got to have more value than that guy.

Okay, so let’s say no one cuts me a check, what else is there? Well, there is exposure. There is publicity. There is the hope that more people will read my scripts and tell me how great my writing is (but then not give the standard “it’s not what we’re looking for at this time” part of the speech that I’ve heard far too often.)

Sure, there are proven ways to go from being an unproduced screenwriter to standing at the Oscar podium accepting an award for your first script that are more acceptable. I could start stripping tomorrow and put my musings in a blog and just start writing my acceptance speech, but I figure I’ll give this a shot first.

Maybe I should start waxing though, just in case…


July 22, 2009

And so it begins…

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The website went live yesterday so let the promotional efforts begin. I’ve got to do whatever I can to try and get the word out to those listed about my endeavor here. This will not be easy and it may not be pretty. In fact, I’ve already stooped to (shudder) starting a Twitter account. Desperate times call for desperate measures measured in 140 character bursts. 

To sum up what I’m trying to accomplish here, I want to reach out to a few people whose lives I’ve touched in my own little way and ask them to touch me back in their own little way (relatively speaking). My hope is that they will remember their own days trying to gain a foothold in the industry and return the favor.

In the form of monetary support.

To someone they have never actually met.

Or were even aware of his (mine) existence.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I gotta try something.

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